The Beer and Food Encyclopaedia #04


"Beer and Barbecue" is the sixth cookbook by international beer sommelier Arvid Bergström. This new book features delicious barbecue dishes with matching beers. The dishes are ideas for on and off the barbecue.

For this book, Arvid received help from Daan Hamoen and Bernd Beersma. Daan is team captain at the Rokende Règâhs and Bernd is a fanatical barbecuer, in addition to his other great passion, brewing for the Kleine Beer Brewery.

This cookbook contains delicious dishes to taste together with different beers. In addition, there are many tips for other beers. With a small twist, you can serve a second beer with the dish. But there are also variations on recipes, with a different style of beer as suggestions. This way you can enjoy more dishes with a different beer.

And perhaps the most fun, delicious and enjoyable thing is to meet up with a group of friends or family and taste many different combinations.

Cheers, smoke them and enjoy your meal!

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Beer and Barbecue Cover
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