BBQ Team

This is where it started. From winter discount at the garden center on the first smoker to the stage at the 2012 Tony Stone. After that, our BBQ journey really began!

BBQ Spices

Everything we do is out of control. Règâh Rub is a very nice example of this. Read more about it and order it directly in the Webshop.

BBQ Festival

When you're excited you start doing crazy things. Règâh Fest is proof of that. Our free BBQ Festival with official KCBS competition.

Rokende Règâhs

Rokende Règâhs is a professional BBQ team from The Hague. Since 2012 they participate in international BBQ competitions and with success. This hobby has completely taken off. Besides the competitions they do catering on location, workshops and braai things in the RègâhNest. You can also taste their flavors at home with Règâh Rub, the award-winning spice line. In addition, we get together once a year for RègâhFest, our BBQ festival.

In short, we do a lot. With BBQ.


Rokende Regahs

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Règâh. The Hague symbol that irreverently refers to the Stork.

The BBQ Team

The Hague BBQ Hooligans


Daan is team captain of the Rokende Regahs Regahs. Daan smokes brisket. That goes well for him. With a Dutch championship and the top 6 ranking Team of the year KCBS the founder of the team.


Stefan is the king of the chicken in the team. Stefan has won first prizes with his chicken in many international BBQ competitions. It is therefore logical that Regah Rub Smokin' Hot Chicks has become such a success.


Wllem has been the Spareribs boss since day 1. Because he has been doing this for so long, he now knows what good spareribs are. That is why Willem has created the Ol' Timer Dirty Hogs. Willem and Spareribs are simply a top combination.


Edward has been involved with pork, better known as Pulled Pork to most, from the start. By now, he has taken a back seat, but he can still smoke pork butts like no other.


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Bad Buffalo Gunpowder

Règâhrub Bad Buffalo Gunpowder is the first and perhaps our best rub. Especially as a beef rub on your steak or burger.

Xtra Large






Ol' Timers Dirty Hogs

Règâhrub Ol'Timers Dirty Hogs is our pork rub. This rub will make any piece of pork filthy delicious.







Smokin' Hot Chicks

The name Règâhrub Smokin' Hot Chick says it all - a hit of a chicken rub that every chick loves.







The Reserve Règâhs

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