Règâh Rub

Bad, Hot & Dirty Box

Choosing is always tricky. Which Règâhrub should you choose or what is the perfect gift to give? With our Bad, Hot & Dirty Box, you no longer have to choose. After all, you get all the flavours in one beautiful box. Giving this gift will instantly make you the ideal son-in-law, best friend or sweetest partner. We've made it easy for you.

Our gift set contains just enough to get addicted to our delicious rubs. Make the tastiest burger with Bad Buffalo Gunpowder, smoke the best spare ribs with the Ol'Timer Dirty Hogs and score points with the juiciest Smokin' Hot Chicken wings.

With our BBQ seasoning, tasty BBQ is made simple.

"This is the perfect gift for any BBQ lover!"


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Bad, Hot & Dirty Box
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