Règâh Rub

Ol'Timers Dirty Hogs

Ol'Timers Dirty Hogs is a delicious spice mix specially developed for pork. By using three types of sugar, cinnamon and various spices, you create a flavourful spicy sweetness followed by a spicy kick. "Sweet with a spicy kick, just like our women" as we like to say.

The sugars in the mix create a nice crust and a delicious smell on your spare ribs and pulled pork but also goes great on a pork tenderloin. But this BBQ rub is not only suitable for traditional BBQ dishes, also in meatballs, in combination with different types of game or through a stew, this spice mix comes into its own.

So this spice mix is much more than just a rub for BBQ! Whether you fancy a delicious piece of pork from the grill or a tasty stew on the cooker, this mix always adds that little bit extra. With this Règâhrub, your dish will never be boring and tasteless again, but rather spicy and full of flavour.

"Give your piggy a kick with Ol'Timers Dirty Hogs"


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