Règâh Rub

Bad Buffalo Gunpowder

Bad Buffalo Gunpowder is a classic BBQ Rub originally developed for beef and especially for Brisket. With this Beef Rub, the Smoking Règâhs have already won several first places at competitions. But this rub is not only suitable for Brisket, it is a very versatile seasoning mix that tastes great on almost anything.

Whether you use it for chicken wings, popcorn or as an addition to minced meat for killer Bad Buffalo Burgers, this rub makes any dish tastier. Even if you don't feel like going out, you can use it just fine on chicken wings in the oven or airfryer.

The rub is not only suitable for BBQ, but also for cooking. It is a tasty alternative to salt and pepper on a steak or ribeye. It is a spice mix that belongs in everyone's kitchen cupboard and adds a delicious flavour to any dish.

"An explosion of flavour with Bad Buffalo Gunpowder"


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